08.24.2005.....So I am restoring a 1976 El Camino.  Going to put it back as it was say....back in 1989.  Part of that process is putting all the electronic crap back into it.  Including the two alarm systems that were installed.  An Alpine 8070 with glass breakage and an Alpine 8040 with radar.  Well I have been cleaning the inside of the car--it is not quite ready to be painted and decided to locate the box that had the alarms and wiring harnesses in it.  Found them in the utility shed in the back yard.  Cleaned them up and then started looking for the wiring diagrams.  Could not find them in the shed where I thought I had left them.  Looked all over the place.  Then I started removing all the boxes and poking around in there.   I found a small piece of one.  It seems that some mice or something else had found them long ago and torn them up to make a nice little bed out of them.  So then I proceeded to find all the little pieces and then carefully sort them out with non-alarm related paper pieces and tape them back together.   I have succeeded to the point where there is enough information to successfully reinstall the bastards back into the car. 

Here is the deal.....I will give you these instructions for a small fee. As long as you promise that you will use them for your own use and not redistribute them.  All you need is a Pay Pal account.   Just Pay Pal me a small amount of money and I will e-mail you .jpg images and .pdf files of the restored documents.   The files are free.  You are sending me a token of money to pay me for my time in digging through a whole shitload of paper pieces and then sorting them out and reassembling them.  It is up to you to decide what a small amount of money is.  .50 cents is probably too much.   My e-mail address is here.    Please specify which one you want sent to you.

Thanks much.