04.29.2006----It has been over a year since I started working on this car again....Progress has been made,  but of course it always goes slower than I would like.  Weather has been the major factor.  Motivation has been the other one.  Now the motivation curve is coming back along with the decent outside work weather.  The car knows it is getting closer to a visit with the paint shop.  Whole design of car is fully coming into my head as new parts are installed and old ones are changed to look more new.

04.18.2005---So,  this was my first car....A 1976 El Camino Classic.  It came all white with a white vinyl top.  Small block 400 and turbo 400.   It rolled pretty good as a stocker.   My father bought this car in 1981 and drove it daily for several years.   Until at some point when I was 13 or 14 I decided that this thing should be mine one day.   After many secret trips out without a drivers license,  I learned to drive this thing on my own....I learned to control it,  to slide it sideways under hard acceleration....Hell,  I think at some point I was drifting....Anyway,  it is still in my possession and it may just come back to life again as it used to be.....Kick ass stereo,  nice paint,  dents removed,  wheels shiny.   There are pictures here that detail it's beginning,  mid-life,  old age,  and hopefully it's long overdue resurrection.   Stay tuned as things are bound to change as soon as I get off my ass and take more pictures.   The life or death body work trials are underway currently on one section that had some pretty bad dents from maybe 10 years ago or longer.  The dents were never repaired......Now we shall see if they can be.  If it looks decent in primer,  then it very well could get a nice new black and white paint job....It may not get a new vinyl top though....I may just make it all shiny.  Who knows. 

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This is how the car was on the day I started the life/death tests:

1976 El Camino Front

Front of car  04.10.2005

1976 El Camino Side Before Being Reborn

Drivers Side 04.10.2005