06.13.2005...Today I made more of the bed dark gray.  More will be dark gray in the near future too....hehehehe

The flat parts are the hardest parts to make gray for sure.

Half the bed is dark gray.  Yay.

06.12.2005....Today I reprimed some of the bed gray,  then I made it dark gray.  All of it should be dark gray within the next week I think.   Not too much final prep will be involved with the bed.   I will just sand it a little to remove some of the trash that blew in there today.

Made it more gray.

Made it even more gray.

Made the walls dark gray.

05.22.2005...Today I made great progress in the bed.  The access panel was reattached with lots of silicone and even a few hard drive parts.   I used the aluminum washers used as spacers between the platters of a hard drive as washers between the panel.  That should keep the washers and the bolts from starting some rust problems.   I also sanded and scraped the remaining unpainted flat part of the bed.  So it is all gray now.

Panel put back in place with lots of silicone.

Different view of Access panel in bed.

Entire bed is now Gray.  Yay.

05.21.2005....Made some progress on the bed today.  Made new seals,  primed stuff,  cleaned stuff,  put some pieces back on the car that were removed last week...Sprayed some undercoating.  Discovered old noise maker.  Test noise maker.  Lots done.  Pictures do not do it justice though.

Underside of bed access panel all gray and holes mostly filled.

Ungo Box siren discovered permanently mounted in driveshaft tunnel.

My ultra new silicone surface for the bed access panel to sit on.

Rubberized undercoating sprayed on the underside of bed access panel.

Sub Box is thoroughly coated with rubberized undercoating.

Driver's side rear side marker access panel is reassembled.

Passenger side rear side marker access panel is reassembled.

05.20.2005....Ok,  so I came home from work and got started with the chisel,  hammer,  screwdriver,  and razor blade....also had a few power tools,  but they had the easy part... cleaned up the edges,  then primed it.

All Goo Gone

Passenger Side Rear Side Marker Access Panel Silicon Seal.

Driver's Side Rear Side Marker Access Panel Silicon Seal.

This is the last section of the bed that has not yet made it to the gray zone....

 05.19.2005....Ok so the goo was removed that tried to seal the bed access panel and the panel was removed.   The rear sealing area was hit with the wire brush attachment,  then sanded and primed.   All around the edges will need the same sort of work.  Here are a few pictures of today's work....I did not include the sanded and primed sections or the image of the self made silicone seals for the rear side marker access panels.

Goo removed from around edges and bolts are removed.

Panel was lifted up to discover more rust where panel had leaked and rusted through.  It is not too bad under there....Yeah, right.


05.18.2005....Passenger side was sanded and primed gray....Three sides....mostly done.  Still have to do the corners or the walls near the floor and around the bed access panel.....bed access panel is sealed with silicone,  fiberglass,  and bondo over many years and several attempts to seal the panel from taking on water.....all failed...Maybe this time with tons of silicone underneath it,  it will finally seal itself.

Passenger Side Wall All Gray Now.

05.17.2005....Put some goo on the passenger side bed wall and proceeded to scrape it away until it was dark.   Hopefully tomorrow this side will be nice and sanded and then primed into pretty truck bed gray.

Scraped with razor blade.

Attacked with wire brush after scraping.  There will be more scraping done before the sanding commences.

05.14.2005....Today I worked a little more on the bed.   Destroyed a sanded and a drill on the same day.  It's ok,  went to sears and got a new sander and a new drill.  Too bad their lifetime replacement does not apply to power tools cause I can go through some power tools.   New sander is ultra quiet....which the neighbors must surely love.

It started to rain so there is a little spot that was not primed.

I covered the missing spot with some primer.  Yay.

05.13.2005...Today I made more of the walls of the bed gray.  Scraped,  grinded,  sanded my way into paint fume hell.

A little at a time this thing will be gray.

More grayness.

I will have to make a nice new caulk seal for the side marker wiring access panel.

05.12.2005....Today was spent scraping a little and grinding a little and using a chisel and a hammer to remove goo sealant from around the bed access panel.  It was not much fun.  It will also take quite a bit of time to get this think out and cleaned up and replaced.  Boo.

Picture of corner area with goo scraped out.  Bolts are starting to become visible again.

This picture shows the goo before it has been broken out on this side.  It is a mess.

Ah paint scrapings and a nice pile of goo material.  Fun fun fun.

05.04.2005...Spent today scraping, sanding and priming on the remnants of the accident of yesterday.   Ran out of time so only a partial clean up was possible.   It is possible to make it look ok me thinks.....The time spent is doing so will not be as bad as I thought.

Partial scraping and painting of the side and corner of the bed.

Eventually all the old paint will be gone and the whole freaking monster will be gray.  Yay.


05.03.2005....Today I put the paint eating goo on too large of a section of the bed of the truck.   A small project turned into a much larger one.  I will surely sectionalize it in the coming days to make it seem more manageable.....but the fact is....There is a ton of old paint under this mess and it will not look right until all of the old is gone.   I should have just let it be.

Paint Eating Goo Is Applied

Paint eating goo is removed....along with a little paint....There is a lot left though....Too much left.

04.28.2005....Today I worked on the passenger and driver's side bed walls where a large tree branch fell across it in 2000.  It was mainly scraping rust and then hitting it with the wire brush at the end of the drill,  then shooting some primer on it.



04.24.2005....Here is a picture of the bed of the El Camino as I was working on the Tailgate.