05.22.2006....Did a little work on the passenger side door jamb in the past month.  Mainly finishing what I started sometime last year.   It takes a lot of work to remove all the old paint and kill the rust where I can.  I did order a door hinge repair kit---which should help in both the alignment of the doors and the general use of them.  They are some of the heaviest doors ever put onto a car.

09.18.2005....Scraped more on the passenger side door jamb area,  test painted the driver's side door jamb area white.

08.26.2005....Made the inside of the driver's door light gray today.   Then made is dark gray.  Dark gray is a sign of progress.  I think.

08.23.2005....Cleaned and scraped driver's side door on the inside part...The places where the weather stripping goes and the first place I look on a car to see how well it was done or put together.

Cleaned with scotch brite.


08.13.2005....Scraped and cleaned the driver's side rocker panel today.

07.03.2005....Scraped and cleaned old goo from passenger side door jamb,  then added new goo to replace the old.

04.24.2005....Door jamb work will be shown here.