06.17.2005....Added more goo to the dents earlier in the week.  Removed the goo this evening.  Then primed it light gray.  Then sanded.  Then primed it dark gray.   It will need/want more sanding I am sure.  I will have to hit it with some 400 or so grit with lots of water.

Most of the dents are filled to capacity.

06.12.2005...Sanded the door a little with scotchbrite and then made it dark gray.

I thought I had a picture of the whole door being dark gray,  but I guess not.

06.04.2005...The most productive day in the history of the El Camino also allowed me to work on the driver's door.  I located all the known imperfections....sanded the area,  then applied some goo,  then sanded it,  then primed it.  It is getting better each time I repeat this process.

Located dents and imperfections.

Lots of pink goo applied generously over the bad spots.

After sanding and priming,  it does not look too bad.

05.28.2005....Today I finished sanding off all of the paint down to the bare shiny metal and then primed the door.   The car is all gray now....at least all of it that is staying on the car I think.

Shiny metal ready for priming.

Nice gray door now.

05.27.2005....Today was a slow work day.  Removed all the original paint from the door with chemical paint stripper,  then sanded a little...then it got dark.   I will have this part completely gray by tomorrow for sure.

Before I ran out of razor blades I busied myself with scraping the door.

After I bought some more razor blades I used the chemicals to remove the paint and then used the razor blades.  It goes much faster with the chemicals.

Then I sanded a little until it was too dark to sand.

05.26.2005....Today I removed the window trim and the side mirror.  Scraped all of the 18 year old paint off the door.   Then went to work on the area under the window trim where the rust had found it's way.....Cleaned all of that up,  then sanded a portion above the ridge line,  then primed it.  Tomorrow will include chemicals and sanding and maybe even more paint.  I am oh so curious as to the dents in this door.  Memory tells me there aren't many,  but I am good at being wrong in regards to dents.

Trim and side mirror removed.

This is what the driver's door looks like on the inside without the top half of the door panel on it.

Door scraped of most of the18 year old paint and sanded along the top edges.

Primed the top half of the door.

04.24.2005....Driver's side door work will be shown here.