07.05.2005---Decided to make this part all dark gray---just for the fun of it...and to make the car more dark gray.

07.04.2005---Added more goo on this piece today.  It is a goo filled day for sure.  Added some in the corner area too.

06.30.2005---Removed all the old paint from the tailgate door and primed it.  Then reattached it to the car.  I will need to get the little rubber bumpers for the door from a parts place.

Gas tank door on the corner,  header panel across the bed.

Gas tank door reattached to the car.

06.21.2005---Removed the gas tank door and cleaned around in that area and reprimed it.  Looks better.  Much smoother now.

Making the door clean will be more fun.

06.04.2005---Today I did the same thing to this section as I did to the door and fender.  Located the imperfections,  sanded them,  filled them with goo,  then sanded the goo,  then primed it.  Simple process that takes half a day.   This section still requires more goo.  Lots more goo.  I was not very generous with the goo as on the door.

Located the imperfections.....Then sanded them.

Goo is applied,  but not enough goo I am afraid.

Even though goo is still needed on this section,  it still looks pretty damn good I think.

05.25.2005---Today I finished what I started yesterday.  Removed the rest of the paint from this huge sheet of bent steel.   The back half of the quarter is in better shape than the front half for sure.  Usually it is the other way around.   I spread paint stripper on the quarter,  then slid the razor blade down it,  then wire brushed it,  then sanded it,  then primed it.   Yay.

After paint stripper has been applied to quarter panel.

Some of the sanding work has been done.

Sanded all of quarter panel.  Bondo that was left behind was recent work,  so it is ok to remain.  Gas tank door will be removed and then stripped.

It sure makes a nice gray color.

Last piece on the car to be stripped is the door....and you know that will be gray soon too.

05.24.2005....Today I removed all the 18 year old paint from this panel.  Uncovered more rust than I realized was there....Scraped,  gooed,  wire brushed, and then primed that small section.   It looks nice being gray and does not have that many dents to fill....Only large rust holes from the water leaking into the wall of the quarter panel and then sitting with no where to go.  I will have to remember to locate and clean all of the drain holes.

All 18 year old paint scraped from driver's side quarter panel....all except the gas tank door anyway.  It's removable,  so it will be removed.

Rusty area after paint stripper and wire brush.

The section that got the attention today.

Oh,  I also removed most of the paint from the driver's side marker light trim pieces....They will be gray in time too.

A nice gray area has arrived on the El Camino.

The rusty area after priming and beating with the hammer and wire brushing.

05.22.2005....Today I scraped a little on the quarter....a very small amount for sure.  I removed the rear side marker trim and lens.  That was more work than the scraping I did.

Side marker lens and trim removed.  Nice rust spot there.

Scraped a little on the black paint....Then decided to start on the front of the car this time.

05.10.2005...Although this could be a part of the roof,  it is really a part of the quarter panel.  I scraped and sanded the rusty area and then filled it will goo.

Nice grinded area around rust portals.

Goo applied,  holes filled.  The fun part will be removed the goo to expose the little nubs that hold the trim.  They are under there somewhere.


04.25.2005....Sanded off the goo and primed it today....It is a bounce around and work on multiple sections sort of day.

This shot shows the corner area that was repaired as well.



04.24.2005....Today I hammered the inside of the bed and the outside of the body to straighten the other side of the pine tree branch damage from 2000.   Goo was applied and all will be well with it soon.


This is where a large branch from a house killing pine tree fell across the bed of the El Camino.  It dented both sides.  Small hammer was involved on the inside of the bed to straighten it out as well as dent pullers.

The corner is also where part of the tree hit.  Dented in about 1 inch right on the corner.

Dent puller has been in use....Pulled out a little.

Goo is applied to corner dent.

Goo is applied to quarter where tree branch fell across it.

Too much goo was applied.   It is ok....It will go away soon.