06.12.2005....Sanded a little with water and then reprimed dented area to see how it will look.  Nothing spectacular...just idle curiosity.

Wet sanded and primed dark area where emblems used to be.

06.04.2005....Made a little progress on the fender today.  Sanded the goo that was put on yesterday....added a little more goo....Sanded it again,  then primed it gray....then primed it black.  We will see how it looks later on tonight with the tell all flashlight.   I hope it says nothing.

Found some imperfections in my goo,  sanded it down a little to add more goo to it.

Here I added more goo to the fender...some areas I have already primed.

From this view it looks pretty good.

From this view it looks even better.

06.03.2005...Due to the recent rain delay,  not much has happened to the fender.  Today,  there was a break in the rain, so a little got done.   Tomorrow should be a good day if it does not rain on my parade.

Imperfections located and sanded.

Front fender crease area.

Place where El Camino and Chevrolet emblem once lived....

Place where lower molding used to be at.

Applied goo to located areas,  then primed exposed metal.

Another view of goo applied and primed fender.

05.23.2005....Today I removed all of the paint and goo and everything from the driver's side fender.  It was a nice little process of using paint stripper,  then a razor blade,  then a wire brush,  then the sander.   Nice shiny metal was made,  then covered with with the pretty gray primer.

Stripped a little paint from the fender.

Stripped all the paint and goo from the fender.

Primed fender.


05.22.2005....Rotated the car today...That means I can start working on the driver's side.   I spent a few minutes on this piece before it got dark.  Used the razor blade to remove some white paint and to expose the gray primer underneath.  Also removed the side marker trim and lens....as well as the 400 emblem from above the side marker light.

Side marker trim and emblem removed.  A little scraping done on the upper section.

Scraped the white 18 year old paint off entire fender.  The black remains still. It does not come off so well.

04.24.2005....Driver's side fender work will be shown here.