05.22.2006...Been almost a month,  still working on the front bumper area.  Getting closer.  here are some shots of the most recent work.

Bumper is reattached and all appears to be well with it.  Turn signal lights blink and work according to plan.  I still have to add in a little more trim and have to do some finishing work on the front bumper before it is finished.  The cowl hood makes a little statement in this picture for sure.  It is going to look wicked with a white bumper I believe.

04.29.2006....Over the past month or so I have been working on the front bumper.  The cost to re-chrome the originals is astronomical and the rubber bumper strips are not available so I have decided to replace the bumpers with fiberglass ones and have them painted body color.  The shiniest parts of the car will be the wheels.....or maybe the wheels will be body color too.....hehehe

Close up of turn signal light cut out.

Bumper attached to car....Turn Signal lights being cut out.

Spacer piece attached to bumper.

More layers of fiberglass attaching to bumper brackets.

Front spacer piece with brackets attached.

Different view of fun fiberglass work.

First stage of melding the bumper brackets to fiberglass bumpers.

Cleaned and painted bumper supports.

Test fit bumper with spacer piece from e-bay.

Spacer Trim Brackets--in-between piece from bumper to grill area.

Front Bumper removed from car.

08.13.2005....Made the front grill area dark gray today.  The process is to make the car light gray and then dark gray I think.  At some point I reassembled the front clip onto the car.  Not sure when though.

07.02.2005....Painted the eye sockets light gray after a little cleaning....Then painted them dark gray after a little drying.....


07.01.2005...Today I reassembled and then cleaned and primed whatever else was left of this part of the car.   I removed the rest of the trim on the front that will need to be cleaned up and readied for painting.

Sanded and primed grill.

Some extra front windshield trim I found in the parent's basement.  It is too nice to paint.  Perfect EBay material.

Grill surround ready to be installed.

Grill / surround with header panel reattached.

Headlights removed to get at the buckets and trim rings.  Trim rings should be primed and reinstalled tomorrow sans headlights.

06.30.2005....Removed all the header panel.   Sanded,  then reprimed it.  Once it was dry I painted the underside black to protect it a little better than just primer.  I also cleaned the surround on the back side and edges.  It will be primed tomorrow and hopefully most of the front clip will be reassembled.  I also painted the grill supports and radiator supports black.  This is cosmetic before official painting work.  Overspray is bound to hit it in the future.

Grill supports painted black.

Side view of painted supports.

Header panel primed laying across the bed.  Gas tank door on the corner of the bed.

Everything behind the grill is now painted black.

Header panel underside painted black.

06.29.2005...Sanded more front clip pieces....removed the grill and grill trim surround.    Sanded the parts that were hidden by the grill and surround.  Removed header panel.  Sanded in those hard to reach areas....Cleaned and primed.  Tomorrow the header panel will be stripped,  straightened,  primed and maybe put back on the car.  The surround will be painted body color as well as all of the trim.  The only chrome on the car is to be the bumpers.  Everything else will be body color.

Passenger side clip piece mostly sanded and primed.

Removed grill.  Tire is still off because of painting of wheel well.

Sanded trim around grill.  The surround is now sufficiently scuffed to allow paint to stick permanently.

Header panel is removed allowing access to sides of front clip pieces.

Sanded around the edges where header panel came against clip pieces.  Also did the hood side.

06.12.2005....Sanded a little,  removed a few parts,  removed some white paint....It's a work in progress.

Easy to see the missing pieces.

Pot metal front clip part partially depainted.

04.24.2005....Front of car / Grill area will be shown here.