07.05.2005....Added more dark gray primer to this piece later in the day.

07.05.2005...More dents to remove....more time spent removing them.  Why not just pay someone to remove the dents....Maybe in the future I say....Maybe in the future.

07.04.2005....Cleaned the wheel with the Power Ball tool.  These wheels are nasty.  This is only a test.   It did pretty well.  Much better than hand rubbing.  Of course,  it would have been even easier if I had cleaned them at least once a year since 1997.

07.04.2005....Added more goo to this part today.   A little at a time and I may just have this all figured out.

07.03.2005....Worked on removing more dents from this lovable bent piece of metal.  I did not work very well though....

06.12.2005....Reprimed the whole side of the car today with more light gray.

It's even more gray now.

05.21.2005...Not much done today....I removed the paint and primed the passenger side front marker trim/bezel/ whatever you call this thing.

Passenger side turn signal/marker light primed and ready.

05.17.2005....Today I made the rest of the passenger side fender gray.  Discovered a few more dents that will need to be repaired in the future.

Nice little dent near the door.

05.15.2005....Today I removed the remaining goo from this wretched piece...or almost all of the goo.  Ground was too wet to set my ass in it to finish the lower section.   Uncovered some old dents that I do not remember today.  They will be filled at a later date.

This shows the grayness of the fender.  Lower half on left side is not down to bare metal yet.

Another view of the same fender at a little different time.

05.14.2005....Whilst working on the passenger door I had left over paint remover in the pan so I applied it to the other pars of the passenger side fender.   I do enjoy making a mess.   Once it was put on and scraped off,  I did a little sanding with my new quiet sander and sanded while it was dark,  then shot some primer on the exposed metal.   It looks pretty with the dents re-exposed.

Top sections were sanded and cleaned to metal prettiness and then primed.


05.10.2005...Today I sanded a little on the fender.  Cleared out some old goo and replaced it with new goo.  The paint on this fender is hard to get off.  Now that I think about it,  it actually came off another car long ago and was a replacement for a badly dented one many years ago.  The color of this one is really silver....But still hard to get all the paint off of it.

Sanded a portion of the fender.

Goo applied to small dents.

Primed the area where I had sanded and filled with goo.


05.09.2005....Whilst working on the roof I had some left over paint remover goo.  I spotted a part of the little damage,  and I think I did a fair job of causing more.   Here are the results of that experiment.

Goo applied before scraping.

Scraped with a razor blade.  Will sand it during the next work session--maybe tomorrow,  maybe Wednesday.

04.24.2005....Front passenger side fender work will be shown here.