04.29.2006...Here is the latest work being done around the hood area....It involves latch work,  hinge work,  inner fender support area work,  hood open spring relocation,  interior hood painting...Lots of little work that is not seen from outside the car for sure.

Drivers side view of closed and latching hood.  Not height adjusted yet.

Passenger side view of closed and latching hood.  This side has been height adjusted.

Front view of closed and latching hood.  Hood spacing and alignment will not be done until drivers side hinge is removed and repainted.

More modifications to hood spring on radiator support.

Upper hood latch area primed white to allow for latch assembly reinstallation.  Inner hood area sprayed glossy black.

Passenger side hood hinge reinstalled---hood portion primed and painted white.

Passenger side inner fender partially sprayed white to allow for hood hinge reinstallation.

Passenger side hood hinge removed and inner fender cleaned and primed.

Hood latching hardware test fit and installed.

Relocated upper hood spring to radiator support.  Pre-modification test fit.

Hood springs cleaned and ready for paint.  Bumper side inserts cleaned and ready for new paint.

Hood latch cleaned and repainted.

Hood springs removed for cleaning,  repainting and maybe a little stretching de-springing.

Hood Hinges before they are removed,  cleaned and repainted.

12.18.2005...Went outside today to work on the hood a little.  It has probably been sitting on the car for three weeks now.  It arrived here maybe a month ago.   It looks pretty good.  I will have to repair the corners.  The manufacturer would be wise to attach the hood to pieces of wood---like 1" X 4" sticks of wood instead of cardboard to protect the corners during shipping.  Not much to do about it except repair it.  Crappy packaging leads to this.  You have been warned than the crating fee is BS.  It is shipped in a cardboard box.  Bleh.  No biggie.

07.02.2005....Cleaned up and painted cowl area,  then reassembled the area.

05.15.2005....Today I scraped,  sanded, and wire brushed a small portion of the hood.  The place where the hood vents are at.  They are quite rust and I am not sure they will ever look good again.   I may just have to buy a fiberglass cowl hood for this monster.  It never had one,  but I think it may just set the car off.  Anyway,  here are a few pictures of the fun.

Passenger side vent,  scraped,  grinded,  wire brushed and then primed.

Driver's side hood vent,  untouched.

Both vents together as seen from me standing on the bumper.

04.24.2005....Hood related work will be shown here.