1976 El Camino Reborn parts needed list number one.


Two nuts for back of bow tie emblem on grill.

Four nuts for trim that goes near header.

Fiberglass cowl induction hood.

Door hinge repair kit.

Outside trim/felt stuff for window.

Weather stripping for both doors and upper surround.

Trim clips for side molding that goes along bottom edge of vinyl top.

Door handle and lock gaskets.

Turn signal and side marker gaskets.

Trim clips for around bed trim. Upper is different than lower.

Fiberglass bumpers.

Lower door panels.

Door panel clips.

Top trim around rear window clips.

Long bed rails.

Door bumpers.

Tailgate bumpers.

Gas tank door bumpers.

Driverís and passenger side door striker.

New carpet.


Side marker bulbs.

Turn signal bulbs front.

Turn signal bulbs side.

Brake lights.

Reverse lights.


Front and rear shocks.

New 4 X 6 Speakers for the rear.

New head unit for stereo.

New surround for one 12" sub.

Wiper blades.

New Tail Lights.

New Exhaust System.

New temperature, oil pressure,  ammeter guages.