07.05.2005....More goo added later in the day....Lower on the door after I beat it with the hammer for a few minutes.

07.05.2005....I may never get any piece completely right,  but every piece will be a little wrong.   Nearly dent free is what this picture is called.

07.04.2005...Applied more goo onto the already gooed door.

07.03.2005...Removed most of the dents from passenger side door...mostly removed them anyway.  I do not have the "touch" for body work.  I think I will have to pay someone to help me finish it.  At least then I can blame them for the imperfections instead of blaming my self.  hehe

05.17.2005...I finished sanding all the old paint and goo that was applied a long time ago.  Discovered some nice rust holes in the corners of the door in the process.  They will need to be filled,  as well as the old holes where the chrome splash trim used to be....It was removed long ago....And will not be replaced.

Passenger Door Nice And Gray.

05.15.2005....Today I removed side mirror and exterior window seal to get to the rust that was developing there.  It has been removed,  then sanded and primed.  It looks more pretty now.  I also removed another half of the original paint and crap down to bare metal on the third of the door.  Lower half will be done tomorrow once the ground dries a little.

Mirror removed and window seal/trim taken off.

Another shot of the same....I might have sanded a little on this one then took the picture.  I am not sure.

End of the days work on the door.  Lower half will be done tomorrow if it does not rain.


05.14.2005....Ok, so I hop around a lot on this car.  I made some progress today in stripping of half the door by razor blade and the other half by paint stripper.   Paint stripper is much quicker,  but I like the feel of the scraping with a razor blade.

Top half was by razor blade.

Bottom half was with paint stripper.  Tomorrow it will be scraped more and then sanded to nice clean metal perfection.

04.24.2005....Passenger side door stuff will go here.