07.05.2005....This piece is actually coming along pretty well...considering it had the largest dents to repair.

07.04.2005....Added more goo onto the never ending passenger quarter panel today.  I am such a lamer.

05.09.2005....Removed remaining paint from the quarter panel.  Worked on rust spots around side marker light.  Removed previous goo attempt.  Straightened body with hammer.  Reapplied goo.  Sanded.  Primed.   Will need to add more goo later....probably during the next pink goo bath that will be mixed up in the near future.

Paint removed with chemical goo.

Primed and then cleaned out goo from large section of dent.  Hammered it a little more to reduce outward body line.

Dent is larger than it seems to be.

This is sort of tailgate section but it is attached to quarter panel.  Paint was removed from the body side hinge area and reprimed.

Reapplied goo to the dent.  More will be applied later.


05.02.2005....Today I removed the goo perfectly in some sections.....took off too much goo in others which will force a re-gooing at some point in the future....Dents that are there may not be so bad tomorrow after a little scotchbrite and a day's worth of baking in the sun.

The upper dents---door dings---went away without a hitch.....It's the lower spots that I should have left alone.

These little dents also went away really well.  They are door ding area little dents....

This picture sort of makes it look good.   There is still a little space down there in the corner that wants more goo....And it will get more goo too.

You might be able to see a few of the dents I made reappear after I made them disappear.   If you can't....Thank you.


05.01.2005....Been working a lot on this section.....Lots of little dents and even some that were forgotten about.   The past work was pretty good to not be seen until scraping and chemicals were applied.   I pulled the dents out,  removed all the old paint and then primed it.   There is a small amount of original paint left on this piece....it is near the rear close to the side marker light and tailgate.   It will be removed soon.

Side view of paint removal.

First stage paint removal.

First stage paint removal.

Nice bare metal area where dents can be found.

Discovered a few small dents that were pulled in the rear area too.

Dent puller holes.

Goo is applied and bare metal is primed.

Goo is applied and bare metal is primed.

04.28.2005....The goo came off rather easily and found most of it taken care of in the first shot.  There is still a little more work to be done on this section,  but it is pretty good as it is.   Future work on this part will concentrate on the wheel well lip as well as the removal of the rest of the paint from this section.   Eventually it will all be gray.

Front dents are gone gone gone.

This needs more rubbing,  but is pretty close.

I can see this thing being nice again....For another 20 years.....

04.27.2005....Today the sheet metal was cleansed of 18 year old paint and some left over scraps of the original paint.   Quarter panel is in pretty good condition with one tiny rust hole found between the rear wheel and the bumper.    Cancer grows on the inside of this monster.

Paint removed.

Nice little dent it is.

It still has a nice curve to it....

The goo goo bird has found it's target.

One day I will figure out how to put just enough on there instead of too much.

Found more little dents on wheel well and filled those too.


04.25.2005...Today I removed lots of paint....preparing to goo the dents near the wheel well.  I will try to consolidate the use of the goo to multiple body parts at each goo session.

A full shot of the passenger side quarter panel sans paint.


04.12.2005....Ok,  so this is the passenger side rear quarter and the work that has been done to it.  Scrolling down will give the most recent work done to this part of the car.


This is where a large branch from a house killing pine tree fell across the bed of the El Camino.  It dented both sides.  Sledgehammer was involved on the inside of the bed to straighten it out as well as dent pullers.

Another angle of the tree dent.  Another larger dent can be seen near the wheel well from an old lady crash many years ago.

Dent puller has been in use....Pulled out a little.

Another angle after the dent puller  The less plastic applied to this beast,  the better.

Even more dent pulling goes on.....It appears to shrink a little bit.

Too much goo was applied.   It is ok....It will go away soon.

Another view of the goo.

Ah,  after goo removal,  things seem straighter along the top.....Lower dent near wheel well still needs lots of goo.

Definitely better than it was for sure.

This will have to do for now on this section of the car.