08.10.2005...Removed rear window,  scraped all paint,  wire brushed,  primed gray,  then dark gray,  then painted glossy black,  then reinstalled window.  Whee!  All done in a single day.

07.01.2005...Cleaned and primed the trim that goes around the back window.  In the next few days I hope to remove the rear window,  clean that area up with some nice sanding down to bare metal....priming it, painting it black,  then reinstalling the window.   The trim will be put back on once I get the clips for it.

Lower section of window trim---the back sides.


05.12.2005...Today's work was really done yesterday,  but I am not updating it till today.  I am anal like that sometimes.   These pictures show the roof being smoothed out and rounded over.   The before sanding pictures from a previous date show how rough it was. 

Making dust.

More dust.

Even more dust.

Drivers side rust holes are filled.  Nubs are barely visible.  Will have to take the goo down carefully from here.


05.10.2005...A continuance of yesterday's work.  Today I filled the roof with lots of goo.  Shall I say I covered it with goo until the point of saturation and then it happened to be filled.  Tomorrow will involve making lots of pink dust.

Scraped roof before goo.

Partial goo covering passenger side roof.

Yet another layer of goo on the roof...

Totally covered goo roof as seen from the passenger side.

Almost an above shot showing the entire roof.

If this had a little bit of an orange tint and was a little closer up,  this might be a model of the surface of Mars.

05.09.2005....More roof work.  Must seal holes to keep water out from inside of car.   It is a close call on whether this should be another convertible....A very close call.   Top will be covered with a nice layer of pink goo to fill in the holes and make it flat again.  This time the roof will be painted before a vinyl top is put on the car.

Passenger side of roof after grinding,  gooing,  sanding,  and priming.

Driver's side of roof after scraping,  gooing,  sanding,  and priming.  The goo makes it much more presentable.  See before goo pictures.

Passenger side roof uncovered and scraped.

Full roof shot scraped and ready for more work and lots of little holes and pits to be filled.

A more direct shot of the roof fun.

Window trim removed and goo has been applied to remainder of roof.

It's really sad to see the roof look better with chemicals on it than without it.

Passenger side roof primed.

The dark spots in the gray area are rust holes.


05.06.2005....Today I removed more of the vinyl top to scare me a little.  I got scared.  I also put paint removal goo on it and sanded it and primed it.  There will be many little rust holes to fill.   It is savable though.   It will not be a convertible unless what lies under the remaining sections of the vinyl top are horrendous.

Before paint removal,  half the top is cut away.

Rust holes where trim goes at edge of vinyl top.

My guess is that the back side is the good side.  What lies under the front will be nasty.

My guess is that if the schmucks that painted this thing about 18 years ago had of painted the roof,  there would not be a rust problem right now.

More roof holes on drivers side of roof.

Sanded passenger side upper roof.  Goo area is seam.  I will remove all of that and try to make it presentable.

This shows the back edge of the roof with the middle section largely untouched.

A collection of holes in the corner edge of the roof.

The sanded holes on the drivers side of the roof.

The upper half of the drivers side roof with goo seam area.

Passenger side roof primed.

Back edge primed.

Drivers side primed with painfully obvious rust holes shown in black.

05.02.2005....Today I removed the goo from the roof area....It was the least amount of goo work done today.   It looks pretty decent now.

Wide view

Closer in shot before I sanded again and reprimed.


05.01.2005...This is my first venture under the vinyl top of the roof area....Technically it is still a part of the quarter panel,  but since I went under the vinyl top we shall call it the roof.   Rust loomed here....and rust holes....They were grinded and filled with goo.   It might even be presentable at some point.

Hard to see the rust holes from here, but they are there and are rather small....Good to get rid of them now before they are bigger.

The little nubs are where the vinyl top ends and the trim piece is attached.

04.24.2005....Roof related material will go here.