06.05.2006---Still some work on the rear bumper to be done.  It is now firmly attached to the car with the lights in and seated.  Still have to do the light body work on it to prepare for painting.

05.22.2006...Been working on the rear bumper and brackets and lights,  and general ass end lately.  Here are some pictures of that work.

Set tail light housings in place on bumpers.

Used temporary goo to hold bumper to brackets/support until fiberglass work is done.

Poured some fiberglass into the corners,  then dropped in support and brackets,  then added more fiberglass on top with some mesh.

Used mesh and fiberglass on middle section,  then when it cured,  poured lots of resin mix in from the top to fill in the back side.

Rear brackets and supports cleaned and painted.

Both the brackets and main support are in this picture.

This is the area above the bumper and below the bed where some trim/filler pieces go.  It was nice and rusty.

07.05.2005....Mixed up yet another batch of goo and spread it over the previous layer of goo.  Layers upon layers.  This tailgate should be replaced.  Maybe it will be.

07.05.2005....Ah the tailgate and it's goo.  More more more.

06.21.2005....Sanded off the goo that was on the outside of the tailgate today and then primed the area.  Lots more goo will need to be applied to make this part straight.  Too many dents and little rust holes from a crease in the metal that was there long long ago.

Looks better from this angle.

Hard to see,  but there are dents there.

06.17.2005... Removed the rest of the paint from the quarter panel tailgate hinge area and made it dark gray.   This completes the making of the bed dark gray....All except for the rear window removal and replacement project.

Made it light gray before I made it dark gray.

Last of the light gray on the interior of the tailgate area is now dark gray.  Yay.

06.13.2005...Removed the remainder of the original paint from the tailgate.  On the driver's side hinge area.  Tomorrow will be the quarter panel side of the hinge to be stripped and primed.

Hinge area looks nice being light gray.

06.12.2005....Today I made the inside of the tailgate dark gray.  Hard call on whether the inside is the bed or not, but since I was working on the vertical walls of the bed,  I thought I would be consistent and make all of them dark gray.  This is also a hard call....it can also be horizontal....

Nice dark gray inner tailgate....Note left side hinge area is still awaiting being stripped.

05.09.2005....The past few days have seen a flurry of activity around the ass of the El Camino.  Primarily the places where the sun was not shining.  Some of the highlights of this work are listed below.

Removed remaining paint from hinge area on tailgate and reprimed.

Removed original paint and reprimed the tailgate latch access door.

Made a "Caulk" gasket for the latch panel access door.  let it cure for a day or two.


05.06.2005....Today I removed the remaining original paint from the top of the tailgate area.   The only spots left are the sides where the cables connect and the hinges are....The part that is the most pain in the ass to make nice.

Nice gray ass of El Camino

It is mostly flat....I still have some pink dust to be made on this part.  I will come back to that later I guess.

05.01.2005....Today I scraped and primed the majority of the tailgate area.

04.28.2005...Today I started attacking the rust on the lower inside of the tailgate door.  By the way I am traveling along this car it will not be long now before I have a third of the car cleaned up and ready for the fresh paint.   I can easily see the back half of the car being done first,  then rotating the truck to work on the front end.   Half assed done as they say.

04.27.2005...Today I sanded the tailgate,  then gooed it,  then primered it.  Yay.

Four holes are from original El Camino nameplate that were filled in with goo about 18 years ago.

Hard to see the dents,  but they are there....

It's wavy, gravy.

Goo is on,  so is primer.  Yay.  Tomorrow will be a nice noise filled day.

Yummy goo under there.

04.25.20005...Today I worked a little on the tailgate....preparing it for the onslaught of goo to fill the dents.


04.24.2005....I replaced the cables for the tailgate the other day.  Today I pulled dents that went along the bottom---because of broken cables,  the door would rest on the bumper causing a crease.   There were also two small BB gun type of dents.  I am pretty sure it was me who shot the car with the BB gun.


New tailgate cable is on.

Dented up tailgate door.

Both tailgate cables are on.

Dent puller holes along crease of dent....Dent removal was pretty successful.