06.05.2006....Been cleaning and painting lots under the car.   Lots more still to be done before the underside is as close as it can get.  Some shots will show the new exhaust.  2.5" pipes going into 2 chamber flowmasters.  Pipes come over the rear axle and end shortly thereafter.  Has a nice throaty sound.   Here is an audio only clip.  Here is a video clip with audio.

It has a too meaty sound.

Another view of exhaust system.  Turn downs are hard to find.

Half done view.

Drivers side sort of new looking after lots of scraping and priming and painting.

Passenger side primed,  but not painted yet.

Front suspension/A Arm area done.

Unpainted floor pants and transmission cross member with shiny new exhaust pipes.

Uncleaned/unpainted front side of rear axle.

Uncleaned/unpainted areas before rear axle.

Rear End with new Exhaust system installed.

Drivers Side A Arm and Frame Area Painted.

Passenger Side Lower A Arm and Frame area painted.

08.18.2005...Cleaned the passenger side wheel well today.

Nice original white paint can be seen here.

More nice white original paint.

08.13.2005....Worked on more of the driver's side frame rail and wheel wells today.

06.29.2005...Ok so I finished the inner section of the driver's side wheel well and frame area today.  Cleaned it,  primed it,  taped it off,  then made it black.  It is better now I do believe.

Primed the metals and old paint.

Painted it black.  Spray paint sucks,  but it does ok on the critical parts....like the frame.


06.28.2005...Ok so this is the first work on the underside of the car.  Wheel well area on driver's side front.  Cleaned the goo from frame and wheel well as well as assorted suspension pieces and brakes.  Nasty stuff it was.  Tomorrow it will hopefully be gray first,  then a nice thick coat of shiny black.   Black wheel wells really make a car look low to the ground.  This boat needs to hover.

Before work started.

After cleaned and shiny water to make it cleaner looking and possibly rusty. Tomorrow it should be painted.

04.24.2005....Undersides Stuff Will Go Here.